Antar Dayal Studio

In 1986, after immigrating to California from his native Germany, Antar Dayal set out to bring scratchboard back to the American advertising industry as an organic illustration style. Dayal Studio was founded in San Francisco in 1989, after Toyota chose Antar Dayal's scratchboard style to introduce the Lexus Brand to North America. Since then our studio has consistently provided the international advertising and publishing industry with award-winning scratchboard engravings of unsurpassed finesse.

Antar's approach to building striking imagery with flawlessly executed line quality has helped many businesses to achieve a more successful marketplace experience and cultivate a reputation of excellence. Originality and innovative art-based concepts as well as an intrinsic understanding of trends, esthetics and consumption habits have made Antar Dayal Studio the premier choice when it comes to commercial scratchboard illustration.